Drowning, Amidst the Sound of Laughter

Parliament is due to break up next week for summer recess. As Matthew Parris tells us, this imminent holiday has caused the government to go into overdrive with a slew of “initiatives” intended to make us forget that they have wrecked the public finances, turned environmental policy into a swindle, and destroyed civil liberties.

However, this government has long been laughable; hopefully our humourists will now go in for the kill. I can think of none better for the job than the impressionist Rory Bremner; he was certainly partially responsible for laughing the anti-liberties Home Secretary (and later Work and Pensions Secretary) David Blunkett out of public life, as this clip demonstrates:

David Blunkett: Unlikeliest Sex Star Ever

I know that a lot of people are afraid about what a new Tory government means; it probably means more of the same. But at the very least, the ability to remove one bunch of criminals from power does mean democracy is still functioning, and complacency is still punished. So, while the Labour government drowns, it should be to the sound of laughter.

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