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Self-Portrait of the Blog Author

Christian DeFeo, is the owner, author and publisher of this site. He is fifty years old and graduated with PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Southampton in July 2010; he spent the first part of his life in the United States, and thus maintains a long standing interest in American affairs.  His columns on a variety of topics have appeared at Left Central, UK Progressive, Unite Society and Digital Marketing Nerd. He currently lives in rural Norfolk and is working on a second PhD in Engineering, studying the potential role of online communities in fostering industrial innovation.

In addition to writing and politics, his interests include technology, classical music, cooking (mainly with chilli peppers), the study of religion, taking care of his cats (Thomas, Sarah Jane, and Solomon) and his dogs (Boris, Jenny Penny, Big Yin, and Flossi) and reading.

Note: all the opinions expressed on this site, as you might expect, are entirely his own.

Me And My Blog

Picture of meI'm a Doctor of Creative Writing, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a published novelist, a technologist, a student, and still an amateur in much else.