In Praise of Thomas the Cake Cat

When I write these pieces, I’m often not alone. My cat Thomas is usually sitting on the sofa beside me, curled up as close as he possibly can be, often dozing.


The night before my niece was born was restless; sleep came fitfully. I later compared how I felt to waiting for Christmas: too many thoughts were echoing through my head to allow rest to fully descend. My tussle with slumber ended when the dawn’s first light poked through my bedroom window. As I got out […]

Letter to My Niece

My dear Niece, I am writing this letter to you on the day prior to your birth while sitting in your grandparents’ kitchen. This June 17 is perhaps an unremarkable day in many respects: the sun is inconsistent, I can hear the birds singing to each other in a high pitched tone out in the […]

The Mosque in Göynük

My other half captured some of the scene in Göynük with her iPad; hopefully this brief video can convey some of what words fail to express.

Happy Birthday, John Lennon

Had John Lennon lived, he would have turned 70 today. Celebrating his music seems a good way to celebrate his life. Perhaps the song that best fits this occasion is the one the that his fellow Beatles made (using an old Lennon recording) as a final commemoration of John’s life and their splendid career: The […]

Me And My Blog

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